Commercial & Residential Property

Protect your property, people and livelihood with robust risk support

Remove the burden of tracking and managing residential and commercial property health and safety risks and sleep easier. Know that your single or multi-site commercial property is safe for use and regulatory laws are being continually met with our fully-managed risk assessment and consultancy.

An intuitive and proactive hands-on approach to commercial property health and safety 

We harness our extensive experience in the commercial and residential buildings sector to deliver unparalleled property risk assurance for landlords.

It’s difficult to think about all the safety hazards related to your business on your own. An outside perspective will allow you to assess risk with fresh eyes. We will provide expert insight and consultancy that helps you fly through audits and remain compliant with the latest legislation changes. With our help, you can:

Our commercial and residential property and insurance services include:

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The review by Vita Safety really helped the management team to identify and focus on the main strategic risks to the organisation. It enabled us to develop and continue to deliver ongoing improvements. The workshops helped us to engage senior managers in health and safety and to bring clarity to their responsibilities and operational plans.
First Wessex Housing

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