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An agile health and safety consultancy service that’s as flexible as your business.

If your business is changing, we change with you by providing a fresh and flexible way of making sure your people are always being looked after. We will help you manage your health and safety compliance for employees at home or in the office. We help your people to be happier in their work and enable you to become a better and more understanding employer.

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What this service is and who is it for

Agile+ is a service for organisations with a range of people working remotely, in the office or a hybrid of the two. Because it’s aimed at agile working, the service itself is flexible and agile too, designed to move and grow with your business needs, providing help and support exactly as you need it. Our goal is to provide support for the changing needs of employee wellbeing, from the health and safety of the physical working environment through to the emotional and mental wellbeing of teams across varied and changing locations.

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