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Covid-19 Health and Safety Services

Manage COVID-19 Risks Effectively

Protect your people’s health and wellbeing during and after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Every business is desperate to return to some level of normality as quickly as possible but must balance this with the risks to the safety of their people.

Protecting your people from COVID-19 is of the highest priority but returning to work is a complex process. The pressure is on to have written risk assessments and health and safety policies for a staggered return to operations. Only then can you keep people safe at work and ensure that your colleagues are confident about the arrangements you have in place. 

But as you focus on returning to work safely, you might lose sight of other health and safety, fire and property risks. Managing these hazards is your legal obligation, but so are the risks associated with COVID-19. 

With time and energy in short supply, how can you meet all of these responsibilities? 

 Get professional support from experienced health and safety consultants. We leave no stone unturned, managing all the risks associated with your business and the pandemic. 

Let us keep your people safe while you concentrate on keeping the business strong. 

Our short and medium-term support packages are bespoke to all clients and can include: 

Organisation risk profile and assessment

We review your organisation’s risk profile and relevant legal requirements then conduct a risk assessment. Ensure that arrangements for starting operations are suitable and sufficient. For multi-site clients, this can be supported with site-specific assessments, completed remotely with local management.

Communication and training

We help you communicate critical points and risk controls from risk assessments through online briefing sessions. We also set up phone and email advice lines for managers. Remote COVID risk management includes mental health awareness training for managers, plus accredited mental health first aid training.

Building risk management and online compliance system

Receive an online set of compliance folders for your buildings and ensure all fire and property compliance requirements are met. As restrictions are lifted, we can confirm documents meet on-site risk controls through audits, inspections and fire risk assessments.

Audit, review and adjust

Experience ongoing intuitive support that continually analyses COVID-19 health and safety, government and industry guidance. Get the support you need to adjust your risk management and communication as situations evolve. 

Covid-19 Health & Safety Advice

Why Choose Vita Safety 

Our cross-industry experience ensures we deliver relevant, high-level health and safety expertise for your business. We also spend quality time reviewing your organisation’s risk profile for COVID-19. Gain bespoke support that meets all your business’ unique health and safety needs. 

Would you like to know what we can do for you with our work in Covid-19 Health and Safety Services? Get in touch.