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Health and Safety in Academies

It’s difficult to manage risk effectively when you’re responsible for several schools. Especially if each school has its own policies and procedures. A unified approach across the trust can remedy this, as well as tackling other H&S challenges for trusts.

As part of the trust board for a MAT, you need to answer key questions surrounding health and safety continually:  

If your schools have different health and safety policies and procedures, processes for compliance or decentralised trust teams, answering these questions is much more difficult. You’re held back by unnecessary layers and the bigger picture becomes harder to obtain. 

This is why a consistent approach to risk management is essential. Using the same strategies to identify, manage, monitor and report threats for each school, you save time and money without cutting any corners. It also makes it much easier to support new schools brought into the trust with their health and safety compliance.  

We can help you deliver school-specific streamlined risk management. Our range of tailored SLAs include:  

Covid-19 support  

We help you interpret the rapidly-changing government and DfE guidance while keeping you up to date with your risk assessments and briefings. Compliance is continually monitored, allowing you to focus on your role within education and safeguarding.  

Annual audits 

We tailor our audits to your schools so that every unique threat is assessed and analysed on a continual basis. Web-based audits and action tracking systems make processing data seamless, no matter how many schools you manage.  

Fire risk assessments  

We identify fire risks and assess your current safety measures, such as servicing equipment and fire evacuation plans. Achieve consistent fire safety compliance across all your schools.  

On-demand advice  

No more hours wasted scouring the internet for specialist H&S advice. On-demand phone and email support ensure you get answers to your questions exactly when you need them.  

On-site and remote training 

School-specific health and safety training for senior managers, general managers and facility staff equips your people with the necessary skills to manage risk effectively.  

Trust board briefings  

We prepare you for health and safety board briefings. Assure the trust board that H&S requirements are being met easily and succinctly.  

Risk profile assistance 

We review the risk profile for every school in the trust, ensuring its up-to-date and that the health and safety risks are being led and managed properly.  

Policy and procedure drafting  

Simplify policy and procedure creation with drafting support. We take into account unique health and safety hazards while offering a unified approach for ease of use.  

Cloud-based document storage and sharing  

With all your documentation saved securely in one place, sharing reports with the trust board and storing evidence for compliance is easy.  

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