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Occupational Health & Hygiene

Acute and long term ill health from work in the UK is more prevalent than deaths from physical accidents at work.

We offer a full support service, along with strategic partners, to identify, control and monitor workplace hazards, such as; noise, vibration, dust, fumes and radiation.


Occupational Health & Hygiene services include:


Why Choose Vita Safety

We take a holistic view of occupational health and hygiene and we can help explain the benefits of managing this to your teams. We have experienced strategic partnerships with other suppliers to be able to offer a full service to you.

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Working with Vita Safety is just like having a team of people in our business that are responsible for health and safety. They keep us regularly updated on changes to regulations and help us develop appropriate processes to maintain our compliance and protect our workforce. They provide that real conscience, keeping us fully up to date through an annual audit for all our sites and a 6-weekly continuous improvement call.

Our entire workforce is engaged with health and safety. We don’t have many major issues because people are aware of how important health and safety is to us, but if there is ever an issue, Vita Safety really do work in partnership with the site to address it, rectify it and avoid it happening in the future.

They also look after everything from a health and safety training point of view. This includes IOSH leadership training and coaching to ensure health and safety is communicated and engaged with across the business. They look after all our Health and Safety Officer training, as well as training on specialist areas such hand arm vibration, for our workshops. All their training is very flexible, practical and delivered in away to truly engage the audience.
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