Working at Vita Safety

We are a people-focused health, safety and risk management consultancy, helping clients across a wide variety of industries protect those they employ and serve to the highest degree.

Since 2006, we have cultivated a culture of trust and flexibility. It ensures our clients can rely on us to prevent harm and protect their business. It helps us build and maintain mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships. It gives our people the confidence and freedom needed to achieve phenomenal things.

Our team is passionate about improving people’s wellbeing, keeping their skills sharp, working collaboratively within a supportive environment and building highly rewarding relationships.

Training and development

Our most important asset is our people. We’ll encourage you to continue your professional development, but not in a pre-defined way. If there’s a particular industry you want to gain more experience in or a new skill you want to learn, together we’ll create a tailored personal development plan to help you achieve your growth goals.

Life at Vita Safety

A tight-knit, friendly team, we enjoy a variety of fun activities regularly, from hiking in the surrounding countryside to playing darts and eating out. Plus, we are a family-orientated business. You have the flexibility to put your family first and work in a way that suits your personal circumstances.

Testimonials from our team

Katy Cooper – Health and Safety Consultant at Vita Safety :

“You could spend an entire career trying to find a team that’s as special as Vita Safety’s. With consultants from a variety of different backgrounds, everyone brings something different to the table, enabling invaluable learning opportunities. And it’s incredibly supportive; no matter how busy the team is, there’s always someone there to help you overcome challenges and solve tricky problems. 

“Plus, there’s a huge emphasis on personal development. Ian, our Managing Director, has a genuine interest in your growth. Unlike other consultancies which often take a predominantly self-led approach, Ian takes the time to understand what skills you want to develop. You collaborate to create a personal development framework aligned with IOSH’s recommendations, ensuring you learn critical skills that support your growth alongside that of the business. 

“What I enjoy most from working at Vita Safety is how rewarding it is. Because of our ingrained values around integrity and quality and the fact that we work with a wide variety of clients, we don’t offer off-the-peg solutions. Rather, we adapt our processes to meet clients’ individual needs. They love the work we deliver and want to stick by us which brings a deep level of satisfaction to what we do.”

Colette Howley – Health and Safety Consultant at Vita Safety :

“I’ve been with Vita Safety for a month now and the thing that sticks out is how human, proactive and supportive the culture is. You really get a sense that everyone is looking out for each other, and because the team is so knowledgeable, I’ve already learnt so much just from asking questions and getting to know my colleagues.

“I found the work very fulfilling so far. Ian, the Managing Director, trusts your judgement and encourages you to follow your intuition. Rather than being forced into tasks or pushed into meeting targets, you have the freedom to work on your own terms which is so much more rewarding. 

“I’m proud to work at Vita Safety because of the bespoke service we provide. We really listen to clients and ask relevant questions to understand exactly what they need. We never oversell or offer unnecessary services. Our number one priority is making sure our consultancy benefits them and keeps their people safe.”

Richard Warburton – Health and Safety Consultant at Vita Safety :

“You dictate your growth at Vita Safety, which is really empowering. I have achieved chartered IOSH status through completing a portfolio. And client work was specifically chosen to help me achieve my aims; you don’t often experience that working at a consultancy. 

“What I enjoy most is the variety of work – no one week is ever the same. I also get a lot out of the relationships we develop with clients. Our main focus is helping them strengthen the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. We consistently make an impact and, as a result, we form strong, highly-rewarding relationships.” 

Jane Herbert – Business Operations & Administration Coordinator :

“I’ve been with Vita Safety for less than a year, but I already feel like a valuable member of the team because of how supportive and friendly everyone is. I also found it really refreshing that there’s a strong focus on quality over quantity, taking away undue pressure and encouraging us to deliver our best work. There’s also a ‘no blame’ culture – it’s okay to make a mistake as long as you learn from it.  

“I have a great work-life balance thanks to Vita Safety’s emphasis on employee wellbeing. There’s no pressure to be at the end of a phone or laptop 24/7, and I feel trusted to manage my workload in a way that suits me best.”