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A Focus on Health and Wellbeing at Our February Risk Directors Forum

Mar 22 2017

On February 23rd 2017 we held our first Risk Directors Forum of the year at The Union Jack Club in London’s Waterloo.  The event brought together director reporting level health, safety and risk management professionals from across the country for a high-level discussion on the subjects of health and wellbeing.

The Risk Directors Forum is an opportunity for senior professionals in the health and safety industry to meet, network and share best practice. This event was no exception with some firm relationships being made and collaborations put forward to share ideas and address challenges. To find out more about what why the event was created and what you can expect by attending, hear from creator Ian Hutchings and delegate, Robert Tailby in our recent videos.

We were delighted to have attendance from delegates from businesses across a wide range of sectors including Jardine Motors Group, Pearson PLC, Lancaster University, the Shropshire Group, The British Council, CHUBB Insurance and 10Eighty.


The forum kicked off with light networking followed by a welcome and introduction by Vita Safety Managing Director, Ian Hutchings. We were lucky to have three expert speakers to share their views and experience on the day’s chosen subject.  You can find out more about each of our fantastic speakers and view their presentations below.

Dr John Hamilton

The first speaker of the day was Dr John Hamilton, Researcher at Lancaster University, who shared his learnings from his PhD Thesis related to stress and wellbeing at work. John explained his hypothesis and research approach, discussing in depth how he used quantitative and qualitative methods, to find out how stress both inside and outside work affects our wellbeing. John’s study focussed on call centre workers, comparing this department with other areas of the business, highlighting how job role, work culture and management type affects a worker’s ability to deal with stress at work. Find out more about John’s presentation in his slides below.


[slideshare id=72237492&doc=vitaphdstudyfeb17-170216170911&type=d]

Dave Harrison on Employee Engagement

Next up was Co-Founder and Director of people performance experts 10Eighty, Dave Harrison. Dave shared fascinating insight on the link between employee engagement and outstanding performance.  Dave revealed how employee engagement is statistically proven to increase output, employee accountability for their roles and ultimately, the bottom line of the business. Dave used interactive techniques to help delegates identify the main drivers of their most successful periods in work, revealing that success was likely due to a level of enjoyment, fulfilment and team camaraderie. To find out more about Dave’s discussion and the statistical advantages of employee engagement, view his slides below.


[slideshare id=72237147&doc=thelinkbetweenemployeeengagementandoutstandingperformance-forhandouts-170216170036]

Michaela Henshaw on Resilience at work

Following a light lunch and flowing conversation, Ian introduced our third speaker of the day, Michaela Henshaw.  Michaela, a Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach, took centre stage to discuss the impactful topic of personal resilience at work. She shared her experience from a glittering career in Director level positions across Finance, HR and Change Management in fast paced retail businesses including Asda and Tesco. Through collaborative discussion, Michaela raised several questions as to the factors that both motivated and demotivated delegates at work and provided some simple strategies to help cope with work pressures including sleep, health, diet, developing good practices and the importance of emotional support.


[slideshare id=72237337&doc=10eighty-beingresilientinturbulenttimes-170216170532]


The day ended with a summary of key learnings from Ian Hutchings followed by an informal get together in the venue bar where relationships were cemented over a couple of cold beverages.

The next Risk Directors Forum will be held in the Autumn at a venue in central London. For your chance to attend the next event, contact Ian at [email protected] to reserve your place.