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Our core purpose is to help you to protect your people, assets and reputation. Our business is built on the foundations of customer care and quality.

I formed Vita Safety in early 2006 when I left the world of global/corporate consultancy, seeking my own path and ways to offer a flexible and customer centric service for all businesses, regardless of size. Honoured to have worked for some excellent consultancy practices, I have been able to draw from that experience and knowledge and then add our values and ways of working.

I’m really proud of where we have come from, our customers and our team and look forward to what the future holds for us all.

Ian Hutchings

Founder & Managing Director

Our Values

Our business values are the backbone of our operating culture, which has brought success to date and are what we commit to as part of the company ethos. Working within the framework of our company values is a condition of employment at Vita Safety and we aim to work with clients and partners with similar values.

We take pride in everything we do, with the purpose of safeguarding life and health.

• Our work is delivered to the highest levels of quality and good current practice.

• We challenge each other to continually improve the quality of the work we deliver.

• Our values are fundamental in the recruitment process for our business. We will only employ people with our shared values.

• We are always responsive and have a strong customer service ethic, with our clients, stakeholders and each team member.

We treat everyone we deal with equally and with respect.

• We treat everyone equally and value diversity.

• We are open and honest and challenge each other in a professional and considerate way, if we feel our values are not being demonstrated.

We understand how critical our professionalism is in protecting people.

• We adhere to the IOSH professional code of conduct at all times.

• If people are at risk of harm, we raise the concern in an appropriate manner, at the time we witness it, through the correct management channel. This may mean taking immediate action based on the risk of harm.

• We do not undertake work if we do not feel competent to deliver it.

We take personal responsibility for our professional development and work as a team to help each other to grow as professional advisors and people.

• We take a personal interest in developments in our profession, keep our CPD up to date and monitor technical developments that impact how we deliver our work.

• We act in a proactive manner, sharing good practice, ideas for continual improvement and better ways of working across the team.

• We embrace advances in technology and ensure our personal development keeps pace with systems and technology for the delivery of work.

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