About Us

Our core purpose is to help you to protect your people, assets and reputation. Our business is built on the foundations of customer care and quality.

I formed Vita Safety in early 2006 when I left the world of global/corporate consultancy, seeking my own path and ways to offer a flexible and customer centric service for all businesses, regardless of size. Honoured to have worked for some excellent consultancy practices, I have been able to draw from that experience and knowledge and then add our values and ways of working.

I’m really proud of where we have come from, our customers and our team and look forward to what the future holds for us all.

Ian Hutchings

Founder & Managing Director

Our Values

Our business values are the backbone of our operating culture, which has brought success to date and are what we commit to as part of the company ethos. Working within the framework of our company values is a condition of employment at Vita Safety and we aim to work with clients and partners with similar values.

Responsive & Flexible
We win business and build relationships through quick and professional response to potential and current customers and colleagues.

All colleagues and customers receive fast response times to queries. An initial response the same day, prior to further information, as needed.

We adapt our style and solutions to fit the customer, not us.

We don’t risk our reputation for financial gain. We adhere to our professional bodies (i.e. IOSH) codes of conduct.

We understand that our work can be legally scrutinised and prepare it appropriately. We do not work with companies who put their employees at risk and disregard our advice.

Our reputation is built on quality and we use quality to win repeat work and gain sales. All deliverables are reviewed by at least one colleague before being sent to customers.

We strive to be aware of and deliver best practice in all we do.

We speak to our customers in an appropriate business language and never use health and safety as an excuse not to do things.

Our advice is sensible and proportionate to our customers business risk. Our advice is realistic for what the customer’s business can achieve.

We take pride in what we do and in our company.

We are proud of our profession and the positive impact it has on preventing harm through work.

We celebrate success.

We are equally supportive to customers and colleagues. We work as a team and help each other to achieve our goals and objectives.

We go the extra mile to help customers and colleagues and recognise that customers are the lifeblood of our company.

We help each other to develop new skills and continually develop.

We all ensure that we undertake continual professional development to meet the expectations of our roles.

Working as a team brings benefits to our customers and us all.

We don’t criticise each other, our competitors or our customers. Concerns are raised through appropriate management channels.

We dress appropriately for our customers’ business environment. All our communications, such as emails, are considered available to anyone, so we are considerate of the tone, style and how it may make others feel.

We don’t commit to things we can’t deliver.

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