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Keeping an expert eye on your people’s safety

Audits and Assurance

Risk is an inevitable element of development and success.

Our Audit and Assurance services help you ensure that there are no legal or best-practice gaps in your health and safety management. We know that a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference between spotting risks and keeping your people safe or leaving them vulnerable. Our experts can focus on a specific, single area of your business or audit multiple sites nationally and internationally.

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Expert health and safety audits

We cover every possible area of your business to evaluate your current health and safety systems and practices, as well as testing your current risk controls. We facilitate risk review workshops in your business, enabling you to understand, control and take ownership and accountability for health, safety and risk management. By using recognised standards such as ISO 45001 and HS(G)65, our health and safety audit services help you move from legal compliance to continual improvement.

  • Attention to detail

    We leave no stone unturned when auditing your organisation’s health and safety management. Record and track your organisation’s process and improvements for full accountability and reporting to your executive board. You can be confident that all areas of risk are identified.

  • Benchmarking performance

    Get a clear picture of your business’ health and safety management performance against industry standards. Including nationally and internationally recognised accreditations such as ISO 45001.

  • Follow-up support

    After an audit, we’ll support you in prioritising any action plans, making sure you’re clear on the results of our reports and provide guidance on how to tackle any identified areas of improvement effectively.

Stay on top of health and safety and avoid risks

We cover a broad client base, using web-based e-audit and action tracking systems, perfect for businesses with multiple locations. We build strategic health and safety reviews and provide reports to your executive board. Our services are suitable for all, be it single sites, or organisations who operate across multiple locations and countries.

Evaluation of your organisation’s risk factors

Including social, political and environmental factors, supply chains, insurance and technology.

Support to help you find and bridge health and safety ‘gaps’

Making sure your teams, clients and customers are safe.

Merger or acquisition audits

To assess any corporate risks that may be imported into your business.

Audit of health and safety controls

Following a significant incident, injury, insurance survey or enforcement action.

Features of our Audits and Assurance services

  • Our auditors build risk maps of your business and produce detailed reports following each audit, so you have tangible, practical action plans to work from.

  • We deliver action planning sessions, so your teams can take the necessary steps to manage health and safety competently.

  • We carry out insurance surveys for employer’s liability, public liability and cross-class insurance categories and specialist risk reduction projects for insurers.

  • All our audits are carried out by our experienced team, against known standards such as HS(G)65, and ISO 45001.

Building relationships that last

Change for growth and good

We build long-term partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect. Discover what our valued clients have to say about the support and services we provide.

“We are delighted to be working with the Vita Safety team. Health and safety is paramount to us, both for our employees, event delegates and members alike. We want to ensure that all activity is done with the upmost care with people’s safety at the forefront.

The Vita team has proven to be the perfect partner for us, not only due to their expertise but also their remarkable ease to work with. Their unwavering support and readiness to assist are invaluable in helping us ensure everyone’s safety in our ever-changing program.”

Nicola McCormick, Chief Operating Offer, Pro-Manchester