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Agile +. Keeping you safe as you navigate change.

Jul 19 2022

Today’s working world changes quickly. Our Agile+ service is designed to keep up with the rapid changes your business and teams are facing and adapt with you. We provide responsive, flexible ways to make sure your business stays compliant and your people are always safe and sound.

Agile+ customers receive a full evaluation of how they are managing the health, safety and wellbeing of remote and hybrid workers in their business. We spoke to two of our clients to find out what they had to say about this service and what we did to help them.

1. A Global marketing, events and digital media organisation

This business had undergone a change that many have had to navigate in the wake of the pandemic. Previously, its employees were almost entirely working on their premises but now more and more were adopting hybrid working between home and office or ‘WFH’ completely.

This shift has brought new health, safety and wellbeing challenges to the business. For example, company health and safety policies might not factor in home or hybrid working, meaning the policy is obsolete, your business is no longer compliant and your people aren’t properly cared for.

This company delivers services from five different continents to approximately 120 countries worldwide. They know it’s absolutely critical to have the assurance that their peoples’ safety, health and wellbeing is looked after.

What did we do?

We conducted an independent evaluation of how they manage the health, safety and wellbeing of their remote workers to ascertain the risks and potential areas of non-compliance.

We benchmarked their existing policies and procedures for remote working against global standards and good practice. We listened to their people to find out what challenges they were facing at work,

 “An extremely valuable part of the service included the Vita Safety team undertaking confidential interviews with our people, working remotely online in different countries.”

Evaluating the business, listening to their people and assessing the risks enabled us to tailor the service exactly to their needs.

2. Jardine Motors Group UK

“Like many organisations, when the pandemic first hit, we moved our head office colleagues to home working, which has been very successful and we now have a solid hybrid and pure homeworking model in place”

Operationally, systems and procedures at Jardine were enabling the business to thrive; they’d quickly and successfully adapted to a new model of working after the pandemic. They’d done significant work to ensure that they cared for their people throughout the pandemic, such as HR, health and safety policies, communication channels and leadership, underpinned by a successful health and wellbeing strategy.

So, why did they need us?

Jardine Motors got in touch with us to review the procedures they’d put in place. Home and hybrid working isn’t a brand new concept. Many businesses are adopting it more and more, and they need assurance that they’re compliant and caring. 

We partnered with them to evaluate how the health, safety and wellbeing of their remote workers was managed. This benchmarked their policies and procedures for remote working against global standards and good practice. We listened to the needs of the team, by undertaking online interviews with people working remotely to find out their specific health, safety and wellness needs.

The Results?

“It was a great exercise for us and has helped support our continuous improvement ethos.”

  • We made sure their people are cared for and kept safe and healthy whether working in the office or remotely.
  • We pin-pointed areas for improvement and shared good practice through direct, confidential discussions with their teams.
  • Based on the confidential feedback given by those interviewed, we discovered areas for improvement and shared good practice.
  • We helped them uphold commitments to equality and the health and welfare of all their teams.
  • We assured the executive leadership team that they are meeting their moral and regulatory requirements as an employer.

“We recommend Vita Safety… especially where you have a disparate workforce, across a number of locations. Whilst you may have appropriate policies and procedures in place, having a third party verify the adequacy of these arrangements proves they are effectively implemented, and your people are engaged in their value.”

How can you learn more?

Want to know more about how Vita Safety’s Agile+ service can support your agile business? Get in touch today to find out more!

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