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An agile health and safety consultancy service that’s as flexible as your business

Jul 06 2022

Agile+ is a new service from Vita Safety that’s designed to adapt to your business needs. If you have, or are moving towards having a hybrid work force, Agile+ is the health and safety consultancy you need as you navigate evolution in your company.   

If your business is changing, we change with you by providing a fresh and flexible way of making sure your people are always being looked after. We will help you manage your health and safety compliance for employees at home or in the office. We help your people to be happier in their work enabling you to become more a progressive and understanding employer. 

Read on to get some answers on what our new service entails and how it can work for you and your employees.  

What is Agile+? 

Agile+ is a health and safety consultancy service for organisations with a range of people working remotely, in the office or a hybrid of the two. Because it’s aimed at agile working, our service is agile too, designed to move and grow with your business needs, providing help and support exactly as you need it. The necessities of the health, safety and wellbeing of teams is changing, from the requirements of the physical working environment through to the emotional and mental wellbeing of teams working remotely.  

All too often a health and safety consultancy contract commits you to a generic, off the shelf, long-term relationship with little or no ability to adapt. This old-fashioned approach simply isn’t how we work anymore. It’s time to modernise and give our customers the freedom to grow and change – safe in the knowledge that their people and customers are considered and cared for, just the way they always have been.  

How will it help you?  

Using Agile+ offers the security you’d expect from our dependable health and safety consultancy, along with the flexibility you need as your business changes. We’re real people who want to understand what you need and make our service fit around you.  

You can be assured that you’re doing your utmost for the welfare, physical and mental health of your teams in the office and working from home. We can offer training for your executives and teams at discounted rates too.  By offering comprehensive and fully flexible care, your business will be able to attract and retain more talent, with happier teams who feel well looked after.  

So, what do you get?  

It may be nimble, but Agile+ cuts no corners. It’s a comprehensive service that covers all the health and safety demands of your business.  

Evaluation – We begin with an evaluation of your business, it’s risk profile and the uncovering of any areas of non-compliance or improvement that need attention.  

Policies– We make sure you’ve got the right policies and procedures in place, with supporting evidence to make sure you’re always covered.  

Training – we help the executive team understand their health and safety responsibilities and provide accredited health and safety leadership training including courses such as first aid.  

Advice – Legislation and guidance changes regularly. We’ll advise on what your responsibilities are as an employer so you’re always in the know.  

Implementation– Installation and maintenance of effective health and safety management systems and processes, partnered with leading software providers to manage accident reporting, analysis, risk assessments and more.  

Assessment – We will carry out fire risk assessments and implement fire policy for your office buildings.   

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