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Hospitality: Stay safe, stay open

Apr 27 2021

Vita Safety is partnering with Salford City Council to support eligible high street businesses across the city in making their premises safe for staff and customers from Covid-19.

The project is part of Reopening High Streets Safely, supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund and HM Government as part of the 2014 to 2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme and is supporting a wide range of small and medium-sized, high-street based businesses.

We’ve completed over 150 visits so far and this video shares some of the common challenges these businesses have faced with advice for hospitality business owners to help keep their people safe.

In this video we’ll cover:

  • How to establish a safe customer journey
  • Why it’s important to recap the basics
  • Outdoor spaces – including COVID compliancy and structural considerations
  • Enforcing rules
  • Evidencing cleaning
  • Emergency procedures
  • Driver Hygiene and contactless delivery

We also share some of our customers’ common questions, including:

  • What do you do if someone refuses to wear a face covering?
  • How do you control capacity and table bookings?
  • What processes are required between bookings (e.g. cleaning down tables)?
  • What should we do with a suspected case of coronavirus – staff or customers?
  • What happens if someone refuses to give you their personal details for test and trace?
  • What happens if groups of guests multiply or grow as the day goes on?
  • Is it compulsory for staff to do lateral flow tests?
  • What should you consider in a wet weather plan?

Further information related to the contents of this video can be found here:

To book a visit to your business, email us at [email protected]or call 0161 486 5020.