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NEW VIDEO: How to Safely Bring Your Team Back to Work

Jun 01 2020

In case you missed our live webinar, watch the recording here for a straight-talking overview to bring clarity to senior business leaders.

  • Are you planning how to get your business running at full speed again?
  • Are you confused about how and when to bring your teams back to work safely?
  • Are you confident your ‘back to work’ plan won’t put your people at risk?

Every business is desperate to return to some level of normality as quickly as possible, but must balance this with the risks to the safety of their people. Protecting your people from COVID-19 is of the highest priority but returning to work is a complex process. With lockdown restrictions easing for some businesses, it’s time to start planning how to return to work. But how do we do this safely?

Business leaders are swamped with conflicting information on when is the right time to go back to work and how to do it safely. Even with government guidance, people and businesses are struggling to understand the current threat and how to deal with a situation most of us have never encountered before. 

This virtual event, in collaboration with commercial law firm Pannone Corporate,  is designed to bring clarity to this complex subject.

Designed for directors and business leadership teams, this event will cut through the jargon, break through the noise and simplify the process of bringing your teams back to work safely.

In this concise and straight-talking video, you’ll gain:

  • Clarity on what you should be doing now to protect your people
  • A simple guide to returning to work over the next three to six months
  • A simple COVID-19 Health & Safety model to benchmark your business against
  • Guidance on how to support your people’s mental health
  • Advice on how to ensure your business complies with regulations and avoid potential future litigation.

Your speakers

Ian Hutchings, Managing Director, Vita Safety

Ian formed Vita Safety in early 2006 when he left DuPont Safety Resources. Prior to working as a safety consultant for DuPont, Ian was a senior consultant at Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and a safety engineer and advisor in the rail industry, engineering and manufacturing.

Prior to working in health and safety, Ian worked in crisis zones and operational tours in the army.  These included Gulf War I, Northern Ireland and two tours with the United Nations protection force during the Bosnian war.

Ian specialises in working with business leadership teams to enable them to use risk management as a positive tool to enable successful business, whilst protecting people, assets and brand reputation.

Rhian Greaves, Associate Partner, Pannone Corporate

Rhian has more than 15 years experience in guiding corporate and individual clients through regulatory interventions and prosecutions and have represented clients in the Magistrates’, Crown and Coroner’s Courts.  Focussing on health, safety and environmental issues she advise businesses on risk management and compliance issues and also designs and delivers bespoke training courses to embed these concepts into the organisation.