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A Partnership to Improve Health and Safety in Schools

Aug 22 2019

A good education is a foundation for a better future.
– Elizabeth Warren

At Vita Safety, we think equipping future generations with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in life is critical. Health and safety plays a huge role in making this possible. 

Students, teachers and everyone in between should feel safe and protected while at school, so they can learn and teach without compromising their health and wellbeing.

We recently partnered with One Education to make sure more schools in the UK are receiving adequate assistance with their health and safety. Here’s what the organisation does to help educators and how we plan to support them.

What does One Education do? 

“One Education provides high-quality business management services and pupil support for schools and academies,” says Janine Nixon, the company’s Communication Manager. “Our education experts and accredited professionals help leadership teams in schools achieve real improvements in pupil outcomes, ensuring every child can achieve their potential.” 

One Education has had a huge impact on many schools in the UK. From HR and people management assistance to payroll and IT support, the organisation gives school leaders the extra time they need to fulfil their students’ needs. 

Not only that but One Education has a fantastic team of:

  • educational psychologists
  • emotional trauma therapists
  • dyslexia experts
  • careers advisers
  • specialist instrumental and choral musicians
  • attendance specialists

So that schools can adequately support disadvantaged pupils and give them the education they’re entitled to. 

How Does Vita Safety Fit In? 

Health and safety in schools isn’t about restricting activities or implementing unnecessary bans. It’s enabling risk exposure in a controlled way so young people can learn more about themselves, other people and the world we live in. 

By partnering with One Education, we can help the organisation deliver tailored risk management support and consultancy to the schools it works with. 

What We Do

We become a school’s competent health and safety person through these practical services:


We help educators meet their legal obligations and protect pupils, colleagues, contractors and visitors with compliance audits tailored to the school. 

Specialist Consultancy 

Through expert consultancy and cutting-edge technology, we help schools create strong policies, procedures, handbooks and school-specific health and safety management systems to cover all their risk management needs.

Claims Defence 

We review existing policies, procedures, training, risk assessments and communication methods to identify and close gaps that increase the risk of incidents and leave educators vulnerable to prosecution.

We also deliver a range of courses to executives, general managers, teachers and facilities staff. They have been specially designed for schools and cover:

  • managing contractors
  • risk assessment for school trips
  • fire safety
  • first aid 
  • property risk management

With robust and comprehensive health and safety support, educators and pupils benefit in numerous ways. 

The Benefits for Schools 

Safer Learning environments

Teachers can teach without worrying about the potential risks in a classroom. Because those risks are managed and under control thanks to regular audits and up-to-date health and safety policies and procedures.

Save money  

For what schools invest in health and safety, they’ll get back over the long-term. It reduces staff and student sick days, minimising admin and allowing more time for revenue-boosting tasks. Also, because the school is safer, accidents are reduced and costly claims are minimised.

Teachers and students are happier  

By making health and safety a priority, students and staff get the support they need to maintain and improve their wellbeing. With their emotional needs met, teachers are in a better position to share knowledge and students are more open to learning, improving their prospects.  

Better Education for All 

We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Education One. Our values align perfectly and we’re excited to see how this partnership will impact young people and their educators.

Here’s what Education One thinks about working with us:

“The partnership with Vita Safety is an important addition to our breadth of services and we look forward to working together to support schools with their health and safety agenda.” 
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