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Re-building your School Community during and after COVID-19

Jul 09 2020

As the world accepts that Covid-19 is not going away any time soon, we begin to settle into the ‘new normal’. But, is it safe to open up your school yet and what should you consider before you make the call?

Our webinar below, in partnership with One Education, explores the
health and safety essentials required for re-building your school community during and after COVID-19.

Who is this for?

Delivered by Ian Hutchings, MD & Founder at Vita Safety, this concise and pragmatic video seeks to help senior leadership teams:

  • Support a positive risk mindset for students, parents and colleagues as school operations increase;
  • Balance risk with practical considerations for a learning environment;
  • Make essential considerations for people, facilities and unintended consequences of COVID-19 risk management;
  • Monitor risk control measures as things change.

Need more support?

For more advice on how your school community can return safely, check out our blog here or contact us to see how our expert consultants could help you.