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​​​Vita Safety ​Appointed Advisors to Largest Business Development Organisation in North-West

Health and safety in the workplace is about managing risks to protect your people and business. A robust health and safety ​​policy is a sign of strong leadership and should be high on your priority list. 

pro-manchester, a stalwart in the business development sector, recognised this and recently appointed us as their health and safety advisors. 

​​​Discover why our new client felt the need for a health and safety advisor to come aboard, how we’re helping them resolve the health and safety issues they’re facing and what the future of our collaboration looks like. 



pro–manchester are the experts in bringing together the Greater Manchester Business Community. They do this by connecting, sharing and collaborating with businesses through the power of a wide and varied events programme attracting over 10,000 attendees per year.  

They have cemented themselves as an institution for knowledge sharing in the North-West and, as their business continues to change, new challenges have begun to take shape. 


The trials and tribulations of a growing business

As their events started to become bigger and bolder, ​​due to their size and frequency, pro-manchester recognised venue safety, security measures and risk assessments needed to be fine-tuned to ensure their attendees and employees are kept safe. 

We’re all too familiar that when you rush through health and safety requirements, you put customers and employees’ wellbeing in jeopardy.  

Luckily, we were on hand to offer our support. 


Calling on the health and safety experts 

​​​​​​Our partnership with pro-manchester has gotten off to a strong start – we’ve been spending quality time ​gain​ing​ a better understanding of their current health and safety policies and exploring how best we can support them going forward. This means we can provide a ​personalised and effective ​level of health and safety across all their events and business​; reducing their risks and boosting pro-manchester’s reputation.​​     ​ 

​​​As we began to learn more about the client, it became apparent that they need a health and safety policy that could adapt to their business as it continues to evolve.li 

​​​Let us introduce you to Agile +, our service that does just that.


A flexible health and safety policy for your business 

Agile+ is a service that moves and grows with your business’ health and safety needs, providing help and support exactly as you need it.  

Applying this approach to pro-manchester will allow for a fresh and flexible way of making sure their attendees and employees alike are always being looked after, regardless of the size and notion of their business. This level of service and adaptation creates an environment where our clients can rest easy knowing their health and safety processes mature at the same rate their business grows. 


​​​Looking ahead 

Through this partnership, pro-manchester will tap into a wealth of benefits including: 

  • Peace of mind that their health and safety will always be compliant with all necessary guidance and legislation 
  • Assurance that their organisation is doing all it can for the welfare of their attendees and team 
  • Making their attendees and team happier as they feel well looked after 

We’re confident our relationship with pro-manchester will be cemented for years to come due to the quality service we provide and our tailor-made approach that fits seamlessly within any business. 


Feeling good about the future 

“We are delighted to be working with the Vita Safety team.  Health and safety is paramount to us, both for our employees, event delegates and members alike. We want to ensure that all activity is done with the upmost care with people’s safety at the forefront.  

The Vita team has proven to be the perfect partner for us, not only due to their expertise but also their remarkable ease to work with. Their unwavering support and readiness to assist are invaluable in helping us ensure everyone’s safety in our ever-changing program.” 

– Nicola McCormick, Chief Operating Offer, pro-manchester 

We can’t wait to see the positive changes happen in our working relationship with Pro-Manchester and look to the future with excitement and prosperity. If your business needs a health and safety screening or your current plan isn’t quite hitting the mark, lean on us, and your personal health and safety expert will be on hand to help.