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Why Business Leaders Need Health and Safety Training

Jun 07 2019

Have you recently become responsible for a team? Or an entire workforce, perhaps? Then it’s your job to protect the health and wellbeing of those you oversee.

However, you may not have a lot of experience with health and safety management. Which means you don’t truly understand what your responsibilities are.

If you’re thinking, I need to address this lack of health and safety knowledge (and you should as we’ll explain), read on to get educated and discover the right training opportunities for you and your people.

Your Call of Duty

There are basic health and safety measures you need to act on to keep your people safe and the business compliant.

For example, knowing how to undertake an effective risk assessment or how to investigate an accident is essential. You also need to be aware of certain property risks, such as fire and electrical safety.

With this knowledge, you can act appropriately should there be an accident to mitigate the consequences. You can also put certain measures in place to dramatically reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

Such actions aren’t just for the benefit of your people. When your company has excellent health and safety management it will flourish thanks to:

A first-rate company reputation: when health and safety is managed effectively, people learn to trust you more and you become an employer of choice. This is especially true if you make the wellbeing of your employees part of a people-centred business strategy.

Massive cost-savings: a reduction in absences and staff turnover equals greater productivity and profit. Moreover, with the right measures in place, you will avoid hefty fines from breaking OHS laws. You’ll also minimise the expense of accidents by reducing risk.

For an in-depth look into these benefits, check out this blog.

Your Neck on the Line

Did you know that health and safety law is criminal law? So if there is a serious incident involving someone you’re responsible for, you could face criminal and civil investigations. Worst case scenario: you could be prosecuted for gross negligence.

This is the case even if you aren’t an official board member. As you’re still seen as acting in a role where you have responsibility for a large group of people.

This is intimidating, but preventing such severe consequences is simple.

Learn How to Lead Safely

As a senior business leader, health and safety training will help you develop a strong awareness of your responsibilities in preventing risk.

And it’s not just a case of going to one box ticking talk for a certificate. You need to learn how to become a stronger leader and how to build awareness around employee wellbeing.

Become a health and safety advocate people can look up to. You’ll gain their trust as an employer of choice, reduce absence and staff turnover as well as boost productivity.

This is something you should consider even if you’ve appointed a H&S officer. Because part of your role is setting an example of how things should be done. Become an inspiration to the other leaders in your business and take health and safety to the next level.

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Ongoing Health and Safety Management

If there are gaps in your health and safety management, you need to address them quickly. After all, every second without proper safety measures counts.

But you don’t want to treat this as a tick box exercise. What you need is ongoing health and safety support tailored to your business.

This is why we use the Plan, Do, Check, Act approach to help business leaders treat health and safety management as a pivotal component of the overall management of the business.

Together, we’ll look at your current resources and identify areas of weakness in terms of health and safety capability, such as staff knowledge, skills, processes, tools and systems. So you can understand what needs to be boosted to drive health and safety forward.

We’ll also cover the basics of health and safety management. You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your risk profile
  • Prioritise risks and tasks
  • Investigate accidents
  • Conduct property risk assessments
  • Identify and manage property risks

We use your business’ existing policies, procedures and documents so you can be trained up in your own health and safety management system. This empowers you to manage risk on a day-to-day basis like a pro.

Plus, by understanding what needs to be done to continually improve health and safety management, you can ensure your people are protected on an ongoing basis.

To get to this sweet spot, we can provide you with expert consultancy after your training. You gain the knowledge needed to design training programmes that can help everyone in the business understand their roles in health and safety management. So the competency of the entire business is improved, not just that of an individual.

Lead Responsibly With Confidence

To find out more about leadership training and ongoing health and safety management, simply call us on 0161 486 5020 (Manchester) or 0203 126 4997 (London). You can also email us at [email protected].