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How Safe is Your Agency?

It’s always in your agency’s best interest to consider getting health and safety advice. It helps you reduce claims in the first instance as risks need to be identified and addressed as part of the insurance process. Plus, you’re less likely to get penalised for something which is out of your control, as you can […]

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Creating Safer Learning Environments for Children

There were 35,041 reported accidents involving children between 2005 and 2010, according to HSE. In truth, the real number is likely to be much higher since non-fatal accidents are significantly under-reported. With school buildings becoming increasingly older, the level of risk can only escalate. That’s if educators don’t take action to tackle inadequate health and […]

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A Partnership to Improve Health and Safety in Schools

“A good education is a foundation for a better future.” – Elizabeth Warren At Vita Safety, we think equipping future generations with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in life is critical. Health and safety plays a huge role in making this possible.  Students, teachers and everyone in between should feel safe and protected […]

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Verbal Command

By Richard Warburton A verbal command system could offer a viable alternative to the standard fire evacuation alarm. In the incredibly hot summer of 2018, I was staying in a hotel in Whitby with two friends.  At around 4am I was roused by a loud repeating noise.  After a few moments my mind had cleared […]

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Reaping the Benefits of Health and Safety Leadership Training

“Leadership and learning are indispensable together” John F. Kennedy A great business leader will always look for ways to develop their skills. So they can be an effective role model, instigator of action and source of inspiration for their people.  What a lot of leaders don’t consider is how health and safety fits into their […]

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Experiential Entertainment: Case Study

We live in a time where experiences trump material objects, which is good news for the experiential entertainment sector. People are hungry to try the latest craze and shout about it on social media, whether it’s axe throwing, zombie hunting, crazy golf or escape rooms.  This has caused a surge of economic growth in this […]

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Why Business Leaders Need Health and Safety Training

Have you recently become responsible for a team? Or an entire workforce, perhaps? Then it’s your job to protect the health and wellbeing of those you oversee. However, you may not have a lot of experience with health and safety management. Which means you don’t truly understand what your responsibilities are. If you’re thinking, I […]

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SME Owners: How Safe is Your Business?

82% of occupational injuries and 90% of workplace fatalities happen in SME businesses in the EU. These are disturbingly high numbers for what are considered ‘safer’ working environments compared to large and industrial organisations. The reason? SMEs have tighter budgets than larger businesses and face greater financial insecurity. And because threats to worker safety are […]

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Safely Keeping Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy is an independent UK based charity with three goals – to eliminate litter, end waste and improve places. To them this means more than just picking up litter, it means creating clean beaches, parks and streets and creating sustainable practice that eliminates unnecessary waste. For over 60 years they have been working […]

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